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New York Overview

Healthcare in New York is expensive, and the cost of living is high. As such, having health insurance is important to ensure access to necessary care. Recent trends in New York indicate that more individuals are taking advantage of government-funded health insurance programs like Medicaid. Additionally, private health insurance plans in the state are continuing to rise in cost due to increasing healthcare costs and rising premiums. Without adequate health coverage, accessing essential medical services could be very difficult for many people in New York.

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Total New York Residents in 2023

The total number of New York residents in 2023 is expected to be more than 19 million people. This estimate is based on population growth trends over the past decade and projected increases in migration to the state. The increase in population is driven by rising rates of job growth, an aging population, and a large influx of immigrants from around the world. With such a diverse mix of ages, cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, New York’s unique blend of cultures makes it one of the most vibrant cities to live in.

Total Uninsured New York Residents

According to the latest data from The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 10.1  of New York’s population are currently uninsured. This represents a decrease in the percentage of uninsured residents since 2013, when the rate was at 11 . Additionally, an estimated 2 million New York residents are eligible for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act but have not yet enrolled. These numbers illustrate the importance of accessible and affordable health care options in our state.

Average Annual Employee Premium in New York Employer-sponsored Plan (After Employer Contribution)

According to the New York State Health Foundation, the average annual employee premium in an employer-sponsored plan (after employer contribution) in New York is currently $5,090. This cost reflects an increase of 6  over the last five years and indicates that the cost of health insurance has increased significantly over time. Despite this, employers continue to bear a large portion of the costs associated with providing health care coverage to their employees.

Average New York Hospital Cost per Inpatient Day (Before Insurance)

The average cost of a hospital stay in New York State before insurance is $2,100 per day. This represents an increase of 5  over the last 10 years and indicates that healthcare costs in our state are rising steadily. These high costs are a burden on individuals who require hospitalization but are uninsured, as well as their families who must bear the financial impact of these expenses.

New York State Capital
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Total New York HMO Enrollment

According to the New York State Department of Health, more than 6 million people are enrolled in an HMO health plan in the state of New York. This represents nearly 33  of all insured New Yorkers and reflects a trend of increased enrollment in managed care plans. The wide variety of plans offered, along with streamlined services that make it easier for patients to access care, have led to HMOs becoming the most popular option among those seeking health insurance in our state.

Finding Health Coverage In New York

When most Americans think of what makes someone healthy, they first come up with exercise and eating right. While those definitely play a big role in your healthcare, there is more to taking care of yourself on top of those two things. Another huge part of being on top of your health is by having health insurance. Health insurance plays a key role in preventing any issues from arising later down the road.

When you enroll in health insurance you receive access to preventive services and even a primary care physician. These preventive services can help you create a customized plan based on your medical history to hopefully prevent illnesses later on. If you don’t have coverage, or are looking to switch your plan there are a few ways to handle it. Some of the top providers of medical insurance in New York are:

  • Fidelis Healthcare
  • Empire Blue Cross
  • United Healthcare
  • Univera Healthcare

One of the primary ways individuals find health insurance in New York is through the NY State of Health, the state health insurance marketplace. However, one can only get health insurance through the marketplace during the open enrollment period. Even then, marketplace prices without subsidies are not always the most affordable. For those who have a limited amount of income, the New York Department of Health allows individuals to sign up for state Medicaid.

In 2023, insurance providers in New York were broken down into public health insurance programs such as Medicaid and employer-sponsored plans, as well as private plans offered by a variety of companies. People could choose from a wide range of plans with varying coverage and deductibles, depending on their income level and other factors. Additionally, there were provisions for individuals without access to an employer-sponsored plan to purchase individual health insurance through the marketplace with subsidies.:

New York Health Insurance Open Enrollment

A majority of states follow the dates of the federal Open Enrollment Period, but some states decided to create their own marketplaces which have different tnimeframes for their Open Enrollment. New York, decided to create their own marketplace but follow the dates of Open Enrollment the Affordable Care Act created. The Open Enrollment period for New Yorkers runs from November 16, 2022 through January 31, 2023. However, these dates may be subject to change. In 2021, due to the public health emergency declared by the state, open enrollment was extended by a month.

Many Americans will find the most affordable health insurance plans in New York during Open Enrollment. During this period people with pre-existing or chronic health conditions can enroll in health insurance without being denied coverage or raising premiums. So if you have illnesses you can get the same coverage as someone who does not. On top of enrolling in health insurance, New Yorkers can apply to qualify for government subsidies which can help save even more money.

Short Term Health insurance New York

Short-term health insurance in New York is an affordable way for individuals to get the coverage they need in the interim. This type of health insurance provides necessary benefits such as doctor’s visits, hospital stays, maternity care, mental health services and prescription drug coverage, but it does not provide all the benefits of traditional health insurance plans. It is also important to note that short-term health insurance plans are only available for up to 6 months in length and some providers may have additional requirements or restrictions on eligibility.

Free Health Insurance New York

Free health insurance in New York is available to some individuals through the Medicaid and Child Health Plus programs. These programs are funded by state and federal governments and provide comprehensive health coverage for eligible individuals and families. Eligibility requirements vary, but generally include income limits, citizenship/immigration status, residency requirements, family size, disabled status, pregnant status and more. Individuals should contact their local county department of social services or a Health Insurance Marketplace to learn more about eligibility requirements.

New York Health Insurance Marketplace

The New York Health Insurance Marketplace is a state-run health insurance exchange that allows individuals and families to compare and purchase quality, affordable health insurance plans. The Marketplace offers both private health insurance plans as well as Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Individuals may also be eligible for subsidies and tax credits to help them purchase the coverage they need. Consumers can use the Marketplace to find information about the different types of plans, eligibility criteria, cost estimates, access to local providers, and more.

Best Health Insurance New York City

Finding the best health insurance in New York can be a daunting task. It is important to research the various plans available and compare prices, coverage and benefits before making a decision. Some of the top health insurance companies in New York include United Healthcare, Aetna, Emblem Health, Oscar Health and Cigna. It’s important to look at your individual needs and compare each plan’s features to get the most value for your money. Depending on your particular needs, you may find that one company offers better coverage or more affordability than another.

New York Health Insurance Quotes

Many Americans find the Marketplace to be a less desirable option because their income is too high to receive subsidies. As a result, these Americans are turning to the private sector to find alternative plans that meet their budget in New York. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to help you get connected with an insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget.

If you don’t know where to start your search for affordable health insurance in New York, FirstQuote Health can help. FirstQuote Health specializes in helping people find the most affordable coverage without sacrificing quality. All you have to do is enter your zip code to start browsing plans in your area of New York. You can also hop on a call with an experienced agent and they can help you find the right fit with no obligation. Once you get started, you can find coverage as early as the same day.

Compare New York Health Plans Today

Don’t settle for just any health insurance you can get. Find a plan that works for you without breaking the bank by comparing plans and looking at various prices and coverage options. Use FirstQuote Health to help you generate personalized quotes so that you can compare a long list of plan options while bringing you the convenience you deserve.

You should also conduct an internet search for reviews from previous and current members of the providers. This will give you a good feel for how the providers help out their customers. Not all plans fit every person, so you want to make sure you select the correct company. Start finding the right plan for you with FirstQuote Health.

Living in New York
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Health Insurance in New York?

There are multiple ways to obtain health insurance in New York. One of the main ways that New York residents find health insurance is through the state marketplace during the open enrollment period. Low-income individuals can also apply for Medicaid at any time through the state Department of Health. The other option for finding health insurance in New York is by using an online tool like FirstQuote Health to compare health insurance plans throughout your area.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in New York?

As is the case in any state, health insurance costs in New York will vary depending on your medical needs, area, and other important factors.

The cost of the cheapest bronze plan in New York in 2023 will depend on a variety of factors, such as age, location, and income. However, it is expected that premiums will continue to decrease over the next few years due to the Affordable Care Act reforms enacted by the government. Consumers can expect to find a plan for as low as $60 per month for single adults, with subsidies available for those who qualify. It’s important to remember that prices vary from region to region and across different age groups, so it’s always best to compare plans before making a final decision.

Consumers can expect to find a Silver plan for as low as $200 per month for single adults, with subsidies available for those who qualify. For a Gold plan, consumers can expect to find a plan for as low as $340 per month for single adults and $560 per month for a Platinum plan.

How Has Obamacare Helped New York Insurance Rate?

The Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare, has had a positive impact on health insurance rates across New York State. The law put into place several reforms that benefit consumers, such as eliminating pre-existing conditions exclusions and providing subsidies for lower-income individuals. Additionally, the expansion of Medicaid in New York has allowed more people to access quality and affordable health care coverage. As a result, premiums have decreased significantly over the past few years and it is easier than ever to find an insurer willing to cover you at a reasonable rate.

Is It Mandatory to Have Health Insurance In New York?

No, health insurance is not mandatory in New York. The Affordable Care Act created the individual mandate, which made health insurance mandatory for all Americans, with some exceptions. In 2019, the individual mandate was eliminated. Afterward, some states implemented their own versions of the mandate, but New York was not one of these states.

Health Insurance in New York

Find plans and read reviews from the largest and best rated medical providers in New York.

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