Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente health plans are among some of the best and most affordable on the market. Learn more about this award-winning health insurance company!

Kaiser offers some of the lowest pricing for health insurance premiums on the market. It is able to do this by utilizing its own network of Kaiser healthcare facilities and professionals. Keep in mind that these are just sticker prices.

Prices vary depending on many factors, including where you live, when you buy, age, and more. It’s important to go over any other “hidden” or out-of-pocket costs with the agent you work with, but you will be hard-pressed to find a quality health insurance plan as affordable as Kaiser.

Kaiser offers plans for all of your insurance needs. Whether you are looking for an individual health insurance plan, Medicare plans, employer coverage, or more, Kaiser has you covered.

Since Kaiser insurance is purchased through the health insurance marketplace, you do need to wait until the Open Enrollment period to find an individual health insurance plan for you or your family.

Health insurance plans offered on the exchange must meet a certain federal standard, so you know with Kaiser, you will have sufficient covered. The different plan breakdowns can be found below, but please note that regardless of the plan you enroll in, you will receive the same quality of care. The only difference between these marketplace plans is your costs.

Kaiser Permanente Marketplace Plans

Plan Type Percent of Essential Benefit Covered Monthly Premium
Kaiser Permanente Bronze Plan 60% Low cost - Low quality
Kaiser Permanente Silver Plan 70% Average premiums - Average out-of-pocket costs
Kaiser Permanente Gold Plan 80% High premiums - Low out-of-pocket
Kaiser Permanente Platinum 90% Highest premium - Lowest out-of-pocket costs

If you are someone with an extensive medical history, you will benefit from a Kaiser Permanente Gold or Platinum plan. The reason being you will benefit from the reduced out-of-pocket costs. However, if you are young and healthy, you will probably be safe with a Kaiser Permanente Bronze or Silver plan.

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Family Health Insurance Plans

Companies offer health insurance plans for families who find themselves in a variety of financial situations. These plans are ideal for families looking for affordable plans that cover every member of the family.

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Private Health Insurance Plans

You can find private health coverage from multiple health insurance providers. Private plans are not regulated by the government, but they do need to meet certain criteria to meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act.

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Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Companies can provide you with short-term health insurance, which is temporary coverage that usually lasts less than a year. These plans typically do not provide the comprehensive health coverage other plans offer, but are meant to be useful in the short-term.

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Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

Providers can also cover you with supplemental health insurance. This is extra coverage for medical costs, which can include coverage for vision and dental care that are not traditionally covered in other health insurance plans.

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