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Many Americans qualify for 2023 Affordable Care Act premium subsidies based on their income and family size. Take the quiz below and find out how much you could be saving!


Tell us your family size, state, and income to see if you qualify for any subsidy.


This tool is updated based on 2022 rates and may or may not reflect the most up-to-date changes.

ACA Subsidies Explained

Healthcare Open Enrollment should be simple and easy. Understanding the relationship between Income, Health Insurance Premiums, and ACA subsidies is important in navigating the insurance marketplace and making wise and beneficial choices. This calculator is a helpful start.Throughout the country, for every household with income less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), the maximum health insurance premium will be the same (Alaska and Hawaii with minor differences.)

A 3 person household in San Francisco making $50,000/year will pay the same maximum amount for premiums as a downtown Detroit household or a family in rural Kansas. Age, zip code, and pre-existing conditions are not a factor.

Households with income below 138% FPL (or 100% FPL in non-Medicare expansion states) will not qualify for ACA subsidies and will instead enroll in Medicaid.Households with income greater than 400% FPL are not eligible for subsidies and will pay full/unsubsidized premiums.

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