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Aetna is one of the leading health insurance providers in the United States. It has been offering health insurance coverage since 1853 and is one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. Originally founded as Aetna Insurance Company, the company has grown over the years to offer a wide range of products for individuals, families, and businesses. Throughout its history, Aetna has been a leader in providing innovative solutions to meet its customers' needs. The company continues to set the standard in health care coverage today by offering a wealth of plans tailored to meet an individual's or family's specific needs.

With a wide range of plans for individuals, families, and businesses, Aetna covers all of the bases when it comes to providing quality health care coverage. Their comprehensive plans include HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs, as well as Medicare Advantage plans that offer prescription drugs and supplemental services like vision and hearing. Whether you need individual coverage or a plan for a family or business, Aetna has something to offer.

Aetna Insurance Plans

Aetna is a leader in providing quality healthcare coverage and has an array of plans available for individuals, families, and businesses. From health insurance to dental and vision plans, Aetna covers all bases and offers several options including HMOs, PPOs and EPOs. While Aetna does not offer short-term medical plans, it provides long-term solutions such as Medicare Advantage plans that provide prescription drugs and supplemental services like vision and hearing. Regardless of your needs, Aetna offers quality coverage tailored to meet the individual or family's specific needs.

Employer Health Insurance

Aetna provides superior health insurance plans for employers, designed with cost control and employee satisfaction in mind. Employers can take advantage of a wide range of options such as group health, disability, and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and health savings accounts. They also offer wellness programs that encourage healthy behaviors among employees. For employers in search of robust solutions to their healthcare needs, Aetna provides comprehensive coverage that meets the requirements of their unique business needs.

Aetna's comprehensive coverage offers employers the flexibility to customize their unique business needs. Employers can take advantage of a variety of plans such as PPOs, HMOs, or EPOs with varying levels of coverage and cost-sharing options. Employers can also opt for specific add-on services ranging from supplemental health benefits like vision and hearing to workplace wellness programs. Employers can find the best solution that meets their exact requirements while providing value for employees and controlling costs at the same time.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

Aetna's individual and family health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for individuals and families. They offer three different tiers - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze plan offers the lowest monthly premiums but with higher out-of-pocket expenses; while the Platinum plan provides more expensive premiums but with lower out-of-pocket costs. Aetna's individual and family health insurance plans are designed to fit every budget level and provide members access to quality healthcare services. Additionally, many of these plans include discounts on various products and services such as gym memberships, fitness classes, prescriptions, vision care, dental care, urgent care visits, and more.

Aetna currently offers Affordable Care Act (ACA) policies in the following states: Arizona, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, and Virginia. The company plans to expand its ACA offerings to certain California counties in 2023. With Aetna’s ACA plans members have access to a wide range of services including preventive care and prescription drugs at affordable prices. Additionally, some plans have added benefits like telemedicine and free generic drug discounts. Aetna’s ACA options provide individuals and families with the peace of mind they need while providing access to quality healthcare coverage.

Here is the chart of Aetna plan options in Florida, according to Value Penguin.

Plan Name Monthly Cost Deductible Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Aetna Bronze: $0 MinuteClinic Visits $342 $8,700 $8,700
Aetna Bronze: Low-Cost MinuteClinic Visits $401 $5,500 $7,000
Aetna Silver 1: $0 MinuteClinic Visits $540 $5,000 $8,700
Aetna Silver 2: $0 MinuteClinic Visits $438 $6,000 $8,700
Aetna Gold: $0 MinuteClinic Visits $520 $1,450 $8,700


Aetna Medicare Advantage plans provide comprehensive coverage for a range of medical care, including doctor visits, hospital stays, preventive care and prescription drugs. With Aetna's three plan options, you can find the coverage that best fits your needs. The HMO plan offers convenient access to large networks of providers and the PPO plan allows flexibility with out-of-network providers. Regardless of which plan you choose, you will have access to quality care and services.

Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

With Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO plans, an in-network primary care physician coordinates your care to make sure you get the best health care available. You can trust that you will be receiving quality care and services tailored to meet your individual needs.

Aetna Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)

Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO plans give you the freedom to choose any provider accepting Medicare and Aetna's plan terms, whether they are in or out of network. You can make sure you get the care that best suits your needs and budget with this flexible option.

Dental and Vision Plans

Aetna offers a range of dental and vision plans that provide peace of mind and keep your smile in check. Whether you're looking to get the basics covered or looking for something more comprehensive, our plans are designed to meet your needs. From preventative care to coverage for major procedures, you can trust Aetna to look after your dental and vision health.

Here is a list of common dental and vision plans they provide:

  • Aetna Dental Access®: This plan offers discounts on services from a broad network of participating dentists, online tools and 24/7 support from licensed professionals.
  • Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO): This plan provides coverage for preventive care, but you must use an in-network general dentist for most services.
  • Aetna Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO): This plan allows members to save money when they visit in-network dentists. It also covers some major procedures, including braces and implants.
  • Aetna Medicare Advantage® Dental Plans: These plans offer comprehensive coverage with low monthly premiums and no deductibles.
  • Aetna Whole HealthSM – Dentist Plus Plan: This plan provides preventive care coverage and access to more services than traditional dental insurance, such as teeth whitening and orthodontics.
  • Aetna Vision Preferred Plan: This plan offers discounts on vision exams, frames, lenses and contacts from participating providers.
  • Aetna Vision Network Plan: This plan covers a comprehensive eye exam every 12 months and provides discounts on eyewear products purchased at any in-network provider.

Additionally, the Aetna Vital Savings dental discount card provides access to discounted services from a large network of participating dentists. With the card, members can save up to 50% on dental services like cleanings and fillings, as well as receive discounts on other services such as whitening and orthodontics. The card is easy to use and comes with 24/7 customer support. It's an ideal option for individuals who don't have traditional dental insurance, but still want access to quality care at an affordable rate.

Customer Services and Benefits

Aetna offers quality customer service and a variety of benefits to its customers. With 24/7 customer support, you can get help whenever you need it. You can also take advantage of Aetna's convenient online tools which allow you to manage your accounts and compare plans, easily communicate with healthcare professionals, and access your health records. Additionally, it offers exceptional benefits such as a pharmacy discount card, discounts on vision care services, a wellness program and more. With the wide range of options available through their services, you can choose the plan that best meets your needs.

Pros and Cons

Aetna offers quality customer service, online tools and a variety of benefits that make it stand out from its competitors. On the pro side, Aetna's services are reliable, easy to use and have excellent customer support. Additionally, Aetna is cost-effective compared to other providers and offers generous discounts on vision care services. However, some customers may find it difficult to compare plans due to the complexity of the health insurance industry. Additionally, some customers may feel like their coverage is limited due to the wide range of options available through Aetna. Ultimately, customers should do their research and take into account their own needs when deciding whether or not Aetna is the right fit for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Group Number On Aetna Card?

The group number on an Aetna card is a unique, nine-digit number that identifies the customer's health plan. This number can be found on the front of the card, beneath the patient's name and connects the patient to their health plan. It is often required when making appointments with healthcare providers or filing claims.

Does Aetna Cover Covid Test?

Yes, Aetna does cover testing for COVID-19. Depending on the type of Aetna plan that a person has, they may receive coverage for approved diagnostic tests and follow-up office visits related to being tested. Additionally, Aetna has waived or reduced all cost-sharing (copays, coinsurance or deductibles) associated with COVID-19 treatment and testing.

Does Aetna Cover Therapy?

Yes, Aetna does cover therapy. Aetna offers coverage for mental health services and outpatient behavioral health treatment including individual counseling or group therapy sessions. Depending on the type of plan a person has, they may receive coverage for these services either through their employer's plan or directly from Aetna.

Does Aetna Cover Chiropractic?

Yes, Aetna does cover chiropractic services. Aetna will provide coverage for medically necessary chiropractic services and treatment, depending on the type of plan a person has. These services may include neck and back adjustments and manipulation, as well as other treatments like acupuncture that are deemed medically necessary by a doctor.

Does Aetna Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

Yes, Aetna does cover weight loss surgery. Aetna will provide coverage for medically necessary weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, depending on the type of plan a person has. Coverage usually does not apply to cosmetic procedures or surgeries that are purely for aesthetic purposes.

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