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Molina Healthcare plans, prices, and reviews. Compare and review quotes to learn more about the coverage opportunities available for you and your family.

Molina Healthcare is an insurance provider committed to helping individuals and families access quality, affordable healthcare. With a focus on providing services to underserved communities, Molina prides itself on offering comprehensive coverage that includes managed long-term care, behavioral health services and prescription medications. Designed to be simple and easy-to-understand, Molina strives to bring accessible healthcare solutions for those who need it most.

If you take a look at the prices below, Molina healthcare may be your cheapest option. These prices will vary depending on where you live, your age, and a number of other factors, which is why a range is provided.

These prices may not be accurate because they only account for monthly premiums, and don’t take into account any government subsidies you may qualify for. Premiums are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health insurance costs because each plan will have out-of-pocket costs as well.

Molina healthcare focuses mainly on Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace health insurance plans. These plans are only offered in select states. For example, if you are looking to enroll in a Molina Medicaid plan, you have to live in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Molina’s website does not provide a list of states in which they provide individual and family health insurance plans through the marketplace but does mention that they offer coverage in many of the states where Medicaid plans are offered.

There is some uniformity when it comes to health insurance plans through the marketplace. The following breakdown shows what you will be paying for each plan.

Molina Marketplace Plans

While prices for these plans vary from state to state and company to company, the amount you will be paying out-of-pocket will follow the same pattern. If you are relatively young and healthy, a Molina Bronze plan may be just right for you, but if you have an extensive medical history, you may want to go with a Molina Gold or Platinum plan.

What Makes Molina Healthcare Unique?

Molina Healthcare stands apart from other insurance companies thanks to its focus on providing quality care to underserved and hard-to-reach communities. Molina works with government Medicaid and Medicare programs, as well as state health exchanges, to ensure that individuals have access to the care they need. The company also offers additional services such as managed long-term care, behavioral health services, and advocacy for better health policy initiatives. With a holistic approach to healthcare – which includes preventative services and coverage for prescription medications – Molina is changing the landscape of healthcare by making it more accessible and affordable.

Compare Health Insurance Plans From Providers

Family Health Insurance Plans

Companies offer health insurance plans for families who find themselves in a variety of financial situations. These plans are ideal for families looking for affordable plans that cover every member of the family.

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Private Health Insurance Plans

You can find private health coverage from multiple health insurance providers. Private plans are not regulated by the government, but they do need to meet certain criteria to meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act.

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Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Companies can provide you with short-term health insurance, which is temporary coverage that usually lasts less than a year. These plans typically do not provide the comprehensive health coverage other plans offer, but are meant to be useful in the short-term.

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Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

Providers can also cover you with supplemental health insurance. This is extra coverage for medical costs, which can include coverage for vision and dental care that are not traditionally covered in other health insurance plans.

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