Health Insurance in California

Find California health insurance plans and read reviews from the largest and best-rated medical providers.

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California Overview

California is famed for its growing economy, hundreds of miles of golden shoreline, and Hollywood. It is nicknamed The Golden State for various reasons, such as the gold rush and fields of yellow poppies. California is third in total area and first in population.

California is also in the top ten, ranking as the country’s seventh healthiest state. With so many beaches, hiking trails, and national parks, it’s easy to see why Californians hold a record of one of the country’s longest spans of life expectancies. When it comes to your health, though, there’s always space for improvement, and health insurance California coverage is crucial.


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Open ACA Enrollment Dates for California

California now has the longest Open Enrollment Period. Within the open timeframe, you can apply for Obamacare once a year. The dates have previously fluctuated, but the open enrollment period will run from November through January. The exceptions include Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, employer-sponsored health insurance, enrollment times, and requirements. Only after you have gone through certain life circumstances will you be eligible for a special enrolling. Relocation, the birth of a child, a recent marriage, or the accidental loss of health coverage are all examples of special life events.

California residents will be able to enroll in the Affordable Care Act marketplace medical insurance plans during this time. This implies that whether or not you have a pre-existing or severe health condition, you will be covered, and you will not be billed more for your plan.

If you qualify financially, now is also the time to apply for a health insurance subsidy. This will be your greatest hope for getting affordable health care if you have a pre-existing condition or qualify for a subsidy.

The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, CA (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Affordable Health Insurance Options in California

Gold Plan Options

Gold plans are ideal for expensive healthcare needs. Like a Gold-tier plan, a higher-tier plan is recommended for consumers with more comprehensive medical needs, like those who need routine medications or expensive procedures. These plans have a higher monthly fee, but they will reduce your out-of-pocket medical spending, saving you money over time. Copays, coinsurance, and deductibles will be much lower in gold plans than in lower-tier plans, suggesting that each visit to providers will be less expensive.

Silver Plans

Silver plans are best suitable for people within the middle to low class earning. Silver health plans are a good middle ground for most people since they combine maximum out-of-pocket costs with monthly premium payments. Silver plans may also be beneficial to low-income families. A Silver plan is almost always the best option for households earning less than 250 percent of the federal poverty level. The premiums for these policy arrangements will be lower, and the plan will adjust the cost-sharing to match the much more expensive options.

Catastrophic and Bronze plan Options

The cheapest health coverage alternatives are Bronze and Catastrophic coverage. While these plans have modest monthly premiums, they have high out-of-pocket maximum costs, with premium and out-of-pocket maximums often close to the legal maximum. Although lower premiums may appear appealing, these insurances typically do not cover anything until you have paid off thousands in debt.

FirstQuote Health is dedicated to providing you with advice on the best health insurance in California and free quotes on their clients’ preferred plans. It’s easier than ever to look for and compare medical insurance California rates. When looking for a low-cost plan, copays, coinsurance percentages, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximum are all important considerations. FirstQuote Health is the ideal place to start if you seek affordable and low-cost California health insurance. You may already have enrolled for affordable California health insurance that you like, or you may have a preferred insurance company. This being the case, you can enroll directly with one of California’s top health insurance carriers. Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, and Kaiser Permanente are among the most popular choices.

California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA
California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Frequently Asked Questions on California Health Insurance Plans

How To Get Health Insurance in California?

Comparing plans from several companies while shopping for new medical insurance in is the greatest way to ensure you get health insurance in California. By comparing guidelines, you can observe which companies give greater attention to your region and age. Then, based on your requirements and specifications, you can select the policy that is most appropriate for you.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in California?

The cost of health care has increased dramatically since 2010, despite several positive changes. For example, health insurance costs are reliant on a range of variables before the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but those variables have now diminished dramatically. In 2022, the national median cost of individual coverage for a 40-year-old across all four categories of coverage is $495 per month. This is approximately 2  less than the 2020 plan year.

In California, the same person will pay $588 per month and $7,056 per year. This is 18.80  more expensive than the national median. On the good side, our premium costs have only climbed by 2.03 percent this year compared to the previous year. However, not everyone is a 40-year-old single and the elements that determine actual prices taken into account. Age, plan tier, and geographic location within California are the key factors that influence the cost of health insurance.

Does California Require you to Have Health Insurance?

No, health insurance is no longer mandatory in California as of 2019. You will, however, still be liable for a tax penalty fee if you do not have health insurance. Some states chose to fight the tax executive order by enacting their mandates. California is still at crossroads regarding whether or not to impose its health-insurance mandate, but you are not required to get medical insurance at this time.

Health Insurance in California

Find California health insurance plans and read reviews from the largest and best-rated medical providers.

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