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New York Health Insurance Stats

Learn more about a variety of statistics about health care coverage in New York

Average Lifespan
Average Lifespan
80.5 /YRS
Insurance Costs
Average Health Insurance Cost
$551.06 /MO
Number of Hospitals
Health Rank
Health Ranking
Expanded Medicaid
Expanded Medicaid
Health Insurance Marketplace
Healthcare Costs
Healthcare Costs
(Expenses per inpatient stay)
Did you know?
Learn more about a variety of statistics about health care coverage in New York
Health Issues
Top Public Health Issues
  1. Heart Disease (15th)
  2. Cancer (39th)
  3. Accidents (49th)
Health Companies
Largest Health Companies
  1. American International
  2. Anthem
  3. Mulberry Health

Overview Of Health Insurance In New York

New York is known as The Empire State because of the states wealth and variety of resources. You can also find that nickname on the states license plates. The state’s most populous city, New York City, makes up more than 40% of the whole states population. While that state in total ranks the 4th most populous state, and the 27th largest in area.

New Yorkers rank in the top half of state health rankings coming in the 19th spot. With that being said, there is definitely room to improve this states health, as well as every other state in the country. If you live in New York, and are looking to improve your healthcare, here are the steps to go about doing so.

Finding Health Coverage In New York

When most Americans think of what makes someone healthy, they first come up with exercise and eating right. While those definitely play a big role in your healthcare, there is more to taking care of yourself on top of those two things. Another huge part of being on top of your health is by having health insurance. Health insurance plays a key role in preventing any issues from arising later down the road.

When you enroll in health insurance you receive access to preventive services and even a primary care physician. These preventive services can help you create a customized plan based off of your medical history to hopefully prevent illnesses later on. If you don’t have coverage, or are looking to switch your plan, here’s how to find health insurance in The Empire State.

New York Open Enrollment Dates

Majority of states choose to observe the federal Open Enrollment Period, but some states decided to create their own marketplaces which have different timeframes for their Open Enrollment. New York, decided to create their own marketplace but follow the dates of Open Enrollment the Affordable Care Act created. The Open Enrollment period for New Yorkers runs through the following dates:

  • November 1, 2018 - December 15, 2018

Many Americans will find the most affordable health insurance plans in New York during Open Enrollment. During this period people with pre-existing or chronic health conditions can enroll in health insurance without being denied coverage or raising premiums. So if you have illnesses you can get the same coverage as someone who does not. On top of enrolling in health insurance, New Yorkers can apply to qualify for government subsidies which can help save even more money.

New York Health Insurance Quotes

Unfortunately, for a lot of American they find themselves priced out of the marketplace because they didn’t qualify for subsidies. For these Americans, mainly the middle-class, they are turning to the private sector to find alternative plans that meet their budget in New York. If you don’t know where to start your search for health insurance, here is how FirstQuote Health can help.

FirstQuote Health specializes in helping people find the most affordable coverage without sacrificing quality. All you have to do is enter your zip code to start browsing plans in your area of New York. You can also hop on a call with an experienced agent and they can help you find the right fit with no obligation. Enter your zip to get started, and get covered as soon as today.

Coverage From New York’s Best Health Insurance Companies

Some people are happy with the insurance plan they have, or already have a provider in mind, if so skip the step of shopping and call the provider directly. This will help save you some time in enrolling in New York’s health insurance. If you want to skip shopping and do not have a provider in mind, here are some of New York’s most popular options:

  • American International
  • Anthem
  • Mulberry Health

Once you select one of these providers, or are staying with the one you currently have, you should still do a bit of researching before you enroll. A quick way to do this is by doing an internet search for reviews from previous and current members of the providers. This will give you a good feel on how the providers help out their customers. Not all plans fit every person, so you want to make sure you select the correct company. Another way to do a quick search is to read up on them on health insurance websites such as FirstQuote Health.

New York Medical Insurance Numbers

EmployerIndividual/FamilyMedicaidMedicareOther PublicUninsured

Is Health Insurance Mandatory In New York?

No, health insurance is not mandatory in the Empire State as of 2019. When President Obama was in office he passed the Affordable Care Act, which also created a piece of legislation known as the individual mandate, which made health insurance mandatory for all Americans, with some exceptions.

When the mandate was passed members of the GOP thought the law was unconstitutional. So when President Trump took office, he vowed to eliminate the law. After a few attempts he was not able to remove the act, so he decided to sign an executive order to eliminate the individual mandate. Not all states were thrilled with this so they decided to create their own versions of the mandate, New York was not one of these states.