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When shopping for health insurance, it can be tough to narrow down which plan may offer the best option. Consumers have many options available to them, with several top health insurance companies offering valuable plans. Many health insurance providers are recognizable by name, but that is not always enough to trust that they will offer the best plan for one’s specific situation and needs.

The best way to determine whether a company will give the most reasonable health insurance plan for one’s needs is to consider the options they each offer and compare quotes. FirstQuote Health allows consumers to compare quotes from top health insurance providers to find a reasonable, affordable option for them and their families.

Compare Plans from the Best Health Insurance Providers

FirstQuote Health allows consumers to compare plans from the top health insurance providers in the country. Providers like Aetna, Cigna, Molina Healthcare, Humana, and Kaiser Permanente have all developed strong reputations as some of the largest, but most reliable, providers in the US. Each company offers its own unique benefits and varying plans for varying situations.

Founded in 1853, Aetna is one of the oldest health care insurance companies and is now one of the largest health insurance companies in the US with about 23 million members, making it a well-trusted option. However, newer options like Cigna and Humana, which have been around less than 50 years, have grown to develop the trust of 15 million members each. Meanwhile, Kaiser Permanente, around since 1945, has become the biggest managed care organization in the US. Although smaller than the other companies, Molina Healthcare is a fast-growing company with the mission of helping low-income or uninsured individuals access quality care.

Altogether, each of these companies is very reliable and offers plenty of great plans to choose from for a wide range of lifestyles. The best way to decide which company to choose is to compare customized quotes directly.

Aetna rating Aetna rating Aetna rating Aetna rating Aetna rating

If you're looking for health insurance, you've certainly seen an Aetna plan. Aetna has been operational and offering its services for eternity. Aetna began selling life insurance policies in 1853 and joined the health insurance market in 1899.

With approximately 23 million subscribers and nearly $65 billion in sales, Aetna is now one of the three most important health insurance providers in the United States (but it is also international). Mark Bertolini, the CEO and Chairman of this health insurance behemoth, is easily a member of the Fortune 500.

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Cigna rating Cigna rating Cigna rating Cigna rating

Cigna is a relatively young health insurance company headquartered in Hartford, CT. The health giant was created in 1982 when Connecticut General Life (CG) and Insurance Company of North America (INA) merged. Even though Cigna may be a new company, INA and CG have historical roots being founded in 1792 and 1865 respectively.

Since the merger, Cigna has become a behemoth in the world of health insurance. It is listed as one of the 5 largest health insurance companies with about 15 million members, and a revenue of nearly $40 billion under CEO and Chairman David Cordani.

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Molina rating Molina rating Molina rating

Molina healthcare knows all about humble beginnings. After seeing countless people struggle with their healthcare, emergency room physician Dr. C. David Molina wanted to fix the problem. Molina Healthcare was founded in order to help low-income, non-English speaking, or uninsured individuals get the quality care they deserve.

Dr. Molina started his new venture in 1980 by opening up a single clinic in Long Beach, California. Even though Molina is a younger company, they have grown significantly. Molina Healthcare has been a member of the Fortune 500 since 2012 and is currently overseen by President and CEO Joseph M. Zubretsky, who also happened to be the former CFO of Aetna.

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Humana rating Humana rating Humana rating Humana rating Humana rating

Based in Kentucky, Humana didn’t even get its start in health insurance. Founded in 1961, Extendicare Inc. focused solely on nursing homes. In 1972, the founders David Jones and Wendell Cherry sold its nursing home business to start focusing on hospitals, and in 1974, Humana was born. 

Although the name Humana Inc. was purchased in 1974, Humana health insurance plans were not available until 1980’s. 

Humana liquidated all their hospitals in 1993 to the Hospital Corporation of America. Since then, Humana has focused its efforts on becoming a health insurance giant. Humana health insurance plans are now among the most popular, and the company sits pretty as the third largest health insurance company in the US with about 15 million members, and over $54 billion in revenue.

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Kaiser Permanente rating Kaiser Permanente rating Kaiser Permanente rating Kaiser Permanente rating

Kaiser may be one of the most recognizable names in health insurance. Based in Oakland, California, Kaiser Permanente is made up of 3 interdependent groups, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Permanente Medical Groups.

Kaiser Permanente was founded in 1945 by Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney Garfield. Originally, the two founders created a healthcare program for laborers who worked in the industrial field in the 1930’s but opened it to the public in 1945.

Since being founded, Kaiser has seen incredible growth as one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. In fact, with nearly 12 million members and a revenue of around $65 billion, Kaiser Permanente is the biggest managed care organization in the US.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) is a non-profit branch of Kaiser that focuses on national health issues. According to the official website, Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-partisan outlet for all health news.

The Kaiser Family Foundation offers great insight into the problems in the healthcare world through its many programs. For example, The Program on Medicaid and the Uninsured give a great look at the level of access low-income individuals have to healthcare. The Healthcare Marketplace Project, on the other hand, shows in-depth analysis, trends, and costs in the health insurance marketplace.

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Kaiser Permanente rating Kaiser Permanente rating Kaiser Permanente rating Kaiser Permanente rating

Independence Health Group, based in Philadelphia, serves about 10 million consumers in 27 states across Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid coverage, pharmaceutical benefits management, workers' protection, and third-party benefits and compensation Columbia. A quarter of the company's customers are located in southeastern Pennsylvania. The company takes care of both small and large businesses, and major corporations are among the services provided by the insurer. The company is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, independent licensee.


Which Healthcare Provider Should I Choose?

You should choose a healthcare provider that offers the coverage you need at a rate that fits your budget. To determine which insurance provider you should choose, you should shop around and compare rates for several different plans from each provider. Ultimately, your decision should depend on the services that you need covered, how often you visit the doctor, and your budget for a monthly premium and out-of-pocket costs.

Which Healthcare Provider Is the Best for Me?

To determine which healthcare provider is the best for you, you should look at each provider's plans, compare prices, and determine which will best fit your specific healthcare needs. Every provider offers different plans with varying premiums, deductibles, and copays. If you value lower monthly payments, then you might choose a provider that offers low premiums and a high deductible. If you visit a doctor often, you may prefer a provider that offers high premiums and lower copays. These plans will also cover different healthcare services, so you should research which will best cover your needs.

How Can I Find An Affordable Healthcare Provider?

There are several ways to find an affordable healthcare provider, but the best strategy is to shop around and compare plans to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. One of the best ways to find providers is using an online search tool that will help you compare quotes. FirstQuote Health gives you access to quotes from multiple plans and providers depending on your ZIP code and healthcare needs.


Many people consider health insurance to be a high priority. However, how can people be certain that they obtain the best insurance at the best price? FirstQuote Health is a company that helps families get the best quotations for their needs, and it all starts with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare market and how it relates to their search. It provides people with access and comparing quotes for health insurance companies.

We aim to provide reliable advice, keep consumers informed about the newest developments in the healthcare area, and deliver personalized quotes. Individuals familiar with and understanding these many features will have the best chance of navigating this industry and offering the most appropriate health insurance from the best health insurance providers in the country. Contact FirstQuote Health for any kind of help on health care insurance.