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District of Columbia Overview

The District of Columbia is known for its long history and stunning lines of national monuments. As the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia and its residents rarely stop moving. Despite the hustle of the region, it still ranks within the top 13 states with the best healthcare, thanks to its reasonable healthcare costs and great access to healthcare. Part of being able to afford good healthcare is good health insurance.

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District of Columbia

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Finding Health Insurance Coverage in the District of Columbia

Consumers looking for health insurance in the District of Columbia have a wide range of resources available to them. The largest resource for finding health insurance is the DC-run health insurance marketplace, DC Health Link. The two largest health insurance providers in DC are CareFirst and Kaiser Permanente. Although there are multiple insurance providers in the District of Columbia, it is impossible to buy a health insurance plan outside the marketplace.

As of 2019, in the District of Columbia, all residents must have health insurance coverage throughout the year or face a tax penalty. The penalty equates to $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, or 2.5  of your annual income, whichever is higher.

For low-income individuals and families or those with disabilities, DC Medicaid offers free or low-cost healthcare to those who meet the necessary qualifications. Medicaid offers complete health coverage through the DC Healthcare Alliance. Individuals can apply for DC Medicaid at any time if they feel they are eligible.

The Capitol
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District of Columbia Open Enrollment Dates

Open enrollment in District of Columbia runs from November 1 until December 15. In the District of Columbia, you are not able to buy health insurance outside of this window. However, if you are applying for Medicaid, you are able to apply at any point during the year.

Coverage From District of Columbia’s Best Health Insurance Companies

If this isn’t your first rodeo, and you like coverage you currently have, then just skip the shopping all together. Another great way to get covered is by enrolling directly with one of the top health insurance companies in Washington DC. Some of the most popular options include the following:

  • Highmark
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare

When you enroll directly with a health insurance company in the District of Columbia you will be missing out on potential savings, so it’s important to do your own research. Remember, everyone’s healthcare needs are different, so there’s a possibility that going with a name brand you recognize still may not be your best option. Make sure to read reviews from current and past members of the company you’re considering, or you can learn more about your company with FirstQuote Health.

Affordable Health Insurance Options in District of Columbia

Health insurance prices in District of Columbia are on the rise, but they are still relatively low compared to many other parts of the nation. Depending on your or your family’s healthcare needs, there are multiple tiers of plans to choose from.

Gold Plans

A gold plan is the best choice for those who need healthcare services regularly. This can include needing regular prescriptions, routine treatments, or more consistent doctor visits. Gold plans cost the highest monthly premium out of any other plans, but they have lower out-of-pocket costs for copays, coinsurance, and deductibles as a result. The average lowest-cost gold plan premium in the District of Columbia is $417.

Silver Plans

Silver plans balance out-of-pocket costs with monthly premiums, offering an affordable middle ground between gold and bronze plans. Lower-income families often choose silver plans because the plans allow for adequate coverage at a reasonable price, especially when split between multiple income earners. The average lowest-cost silver plan premium in the District of Columbia is $382.

Bronze Plans

For those on a budget or rarely in need of medical services, a bronze plan provides the cheapest coverage of the three tiers. With a bronze plan, consumers pay the lowest possible monthly premiums on the market, but they will usually have the highest legal out-of-pocket costs as a result. With high deductibles, consumers often have to pay thousands of dollars toward their deductible before any medical expenses are covered. The average lowest-cost bronze plan premium in the District of Columbia is $348.

Compare District of Columbia Health Insurance Quotes Today

With the rising costs of health insurance in District of Columbia, it is more important than ever to find affordable health insurance plans that still provide you with the coverage you need. When searching for health insurance, you have a lot to think about, from pricing to coverage options.

Fortunately, FirstQuote Health allows you to compare plan options and access free quotes for insurance plans in your area. Start comparing plans today and see how much you can save on medical insurance in the District of Columbia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost Per Month in DC?

In District of Columbia, the average prices of bronze, silver and gold plans are $348, $382 and $417, respectively. However, every person’s monthly health insurance premiums will depend on their individual coverage and plan.

Does the District of Columbia Require You To Have Health Insurance?

Although the federal health insurance mandate was overturned in 2019, District of Columbia enacted a law shortly after that mandated all residents have health insurance or face a tax penalty.

How Do You Get Health Insurance in the District of Columbia?

Any resident of the District of Columbia looking for health insurance will need to access the government-operated marketplace called DC Health Link. Although this is the platform used to purchase health insurance in District of Columbia, consumers can use online comparison tools to compare rates and get free quotes for private plans.

Is Healthcare Free in the District of Columbia?

Healthcare is not free for everyone in District of Columbia, but those who qualify are eligible for Medicaid benefits. DC Medicaid helps low-income or disabled individuals and families access free or low-cost health insurance.

Health Insurance in the Nation's Capital

Find plans and read reviews from the largest and best rated medical providers in the nation's capital.

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