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Colorado Overview

Colorado is well known for its beautiful scenery, from the Rocky Mountains to the national forests. As a result, Colorado also has a large population of active individuals enjoying the outdoors. Colorado is ranked as the 10th best state for healthcare in the US. Part of a strong healthcare system is individuals having access to quality, effective insurance.


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Finding Health Insurance Coverage in Colorado

In Colorado, the most helpful resource for health insurance is Connect for Health Colorado, the official state health insurance marketplace. Connect for Health Colorado helps connect individuals with tax subsidies put in place by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

For those facing financial hardship, Health First Colorado is Colorado’s Medicaid Program, offering either free or reduced-cost health insurance to eligible adults and children. However, there are many individuals who are not eligible for tax subsidies or Medicaid that still need affordable health insurance.

Colorado residents looking for health insurance can choose to find plans using the marketplace or on their own. Consumers in Colorado have a long list of options for insurance coverage with nine active providers in the state. These providers are:

  • Anthem
  • Bright Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Denver Health
  • Friday Health Plans
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Oscar
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Colorado Open Enrollment Dates

Colorado recently extended their open enrollment dates permanently, now offering open enrollment between November 1st and December 15th each year. Outside of open enrollment, consumers will need a qualifying life event, such as having a child, to adjust their health insurance plans. However, private plans can be purchased at any point during the year, and there are a variety of options.

Living in Colorado
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Affordable Health Insurance Options in Colorado

Compared to other states, Colorado has relatively low rates for health insurance. For individuals and families looking for affordable health insurance in Colorado, there are several options available. When choosing a plan, your choice will depend on how often you need medical services and your monthly budget.

Gold Plan Options

A gold plan is the best option for those who have a higher need for healthcare services, like regular prescriptions, routine treatments and more consistent doctor visits. Gold plans have a higher monthly premium than other plans, but they allow you to pay lower out-of-pocket costs, like copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. The average lowest-cost premium for a gold plan in Colorado is $353.

Silver Plan Options

Silver plans provide the middle ground for insurance options, balancing out-of-pocket costs with monthly premiums. Silver plans are often the better choice for lower-income families because they offer respectable coverage and a reasonable price for multiple-income earners. The average lowest cost premium for a silver plan in Colorado is $345.

Bronze Plan Options

Bronze plan options provide the cheapest coverage among the three tiers. Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premiums, but they have higher out-of-pocket costs as a result. Because of the high deductibles, bronze plans usually do not cover any medical expenses until you have paid several thousand dollars toward your deductible. The average lowest cost premium for a bronze plan in Colorado is $269.

Catastrophic Plan Options

Catastrophic plans offer the lowest possible tier of health insurance. Therefore, they also offer the lowest monthly premiums. Under the ACA, only individuals under the age of 30 or those who qualify for a hardship exemption can purchase a catastrophic plan. These plans are intended to provide coverage for medical emergencies for those who rarely visit a medical practitioner otherwise. Similar to bronze plans, catastrophic plans also have extremely high deductibles.

Compare Colorado Health Insurance Plans Today

With a long list of health insurance providers in Colorado, it can be challenging to find the plan that best fits your budget and needs. Fortunately, FirstQuote Health makes it easy to compare Colorado health insurance plans from a range of providers, allowing you to see the prices and coverage options that work best for you.

Make sure you are covered in case of a medical emergency and have a plan that takes care of you by receiving free Colorado health insurance quotes. Start comparing health insurance plans today with FirstQuote Health.

Finding Healthcare in Colorado
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Health Insurance Required in Colorado?

As of 2019, when the Affordable Care Act was adjusted to remove the individual mandate, health insurance is no longer required in Colorado. However, it is a good idea to maintain health insurance so that you are covered in a medical emergency.

How Do I Apply for Health Insurance in Colorado?

To apply for health insurance in Colorado, you must use the state marketplace, which offers a variety of plans. Although, it is a good idea to compare plans before deciding to apply. FirstQuote Health allows you to compare plan prices and features to help you make an informed decision.

How Much Is Health Care in Colorado?

In 2021, the average monthly premium for all consumers was $590, while the average monthly premium after the premium tax credit was $144. Individual health insurance costs in Colorado will depend largely on individual factors like age and zip code.

Is Healthcare Free in Colorado?

Healthcare is not free for everyone in Colorado. However, Health First Colorado offers free or low-cost health insurance to those who qualify by making under a specific income threshold. For those who do not qualify, basic plans start at $150. Some may also qualify for subsidies through the marketplace.

Health Insurance in Colorado

Find Plans and read reviews from the largest and best rated medical providers in Colorado.

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