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Oregon Health Insurance Stats

Learn more about a variety of statistics about health care coverage in Oregon

Average Lifespan
Average Lifespan
79.5 /YRS
Insurance Costs
Average Health Insurance Cost
$498.06 /MO
Number of Hospitals
Health Rank
Health Ranking
Expanded Medicaid
Expanded Medicaid
Health Insurance Marketplace
Healthcare Costs
Healthcare Costs
(Expenses per inpatient stay)
Did you know?
Learn more about a variety of statistics about health care coverage in Oregon
Health Issues
Top Public Health Issues
  1. Cancer (31st)
  2. Heart Diesease (46th)
  3. Accidents (34th tie)
Health Companies
Largest Health Companies
  1. Providence Health
  2. Oregon Dental
  3. Kaiser

Overview Of Health Insurance In Oregon

Oregon, nicknamed The Beaver State, is known to be geographically diverse with its abundant bodies of water, volcanoes, forests and high deserts. With the deepest lake in the United States, Oregon also is the 9th largest state by total area, yet the 27th most populous state.

Residents of The Beaver State fall in the top half of healthiest states. Coming in the 18th spot in state health rankings, they are staying ahead of the pack. As always, there is room for improvement, which is for the whole country. If you are looking to improve your health, here is what you need to know.

Finding Health Coverage In Oregon

When most people think of ways to stay healthy, the main focus is staying active and eating right. While these are both things everyone should be doing, there is a less obvious way to take care of yourself, health insurance. By having health insurance, you can stay on top of your health in other ways than working out and eating healthy.

Most people believe having health insurance is to protect you down the road in case of an emergency. However, health insurance is more than a protective service. Having health insurance ensures you to have access to a primary care physician, who can help you create a preventive plan to stay healthy. You can create a customized plan based off of your previous illnesses and family history. So if you are looking to enroll in health insurance in Oregon, here is how to get started.

Oregon Open Enrollment Dates

The Open Enrollment Period happens annually, it is the only time of the year Oregon residents can enroll in health insurance through the federal marketplace and exchange. Most states choose to participate in the federally managed marketplace instead of the state run, with Oregon being in the majority. The Open Enrollment Period for The Beaver States resident is as follows:

  • November 1, 2018 - December 15, 2018

During the federal Open Enrollment Period, residents will be able to find and enroll in Oregon’s health insurance plans through the marketplace, and will also be eligible for health subsidies. Subsidies are based on income and household size, and for those who are eligible, this will likely be one of your most affordable health insurance options.

However, for Oregon residents who do not qualify for subsidies based on income or household size, the health insurance marketplace can be more expensive than alternative options. Many people are turning to the private sector for insurance, an easy way to do so is exploring FirstQuote Health to find an alternative provider.

Oregon Health Insurance Quotes

When the Affordable Care Act came out, or better known as Obamacare, controversy struck. When the individual mandate came out, American’s had to have health coverage or get fined. This made it very difficult for the millions of middle-class families who did not make the cut for subsidized coverage. That’s why there’s a growing trend of people turning to the private sector to find health insurance they can afford.

FirstQuote Health specializes in helping residents find the most affordable health insurance quotes in Oregon. By entering your zip code, you’ll be able to easily compare quotes in your part of Oregon in just minutes. If you would rather talk to someone to help you through the process, an experienced agent can point you in the right direction. Get started, and get yourself covered as early as today.

Coverage From Oregon’s Best Health Insurance Companies

If you’re covered or have a health insurance company in mind, then you may not need to spend time looking around for a provider. An easy way to get covered is by enrolling with one of the best health insurance companies in Oregon. Some of the most well-known choices include the following:

  • Providence Health
  • Oregon Dental
  • Kaiser

However, If you are want to enroll directly with one of the top Oregon providers, it’s important to highlight the possible drawbacks. While a company may have a distinguished reputation, and a brand you recognize, it may not be the best option for you. Everyone’s healthcare needs are different, so what works for someone other than you, may not work.

By doing quick research online, you’ll be able to read what current and former members said about their experiences, which will give you greater insight. You can also read up on your other options with trusted sites like FirstQuote Health.

Oregon Medical Insurance Numbers

EmployerIndividual/FamilyMedicaidMedicareOther PublicUninsured

Is Health Insurance Mandatory In Oregon?

No, as of 2019 health insurance is no longer mandatory in Oregon. When the Affordable Care Act was passed under President Obama’s term, the individual mandate was created. The individual mandate required all Americans to be enrolled in health insurance, with some exceptions, or face a penalty when tax season arises.

When President Trump took office, he vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the bills that went along with it. However, after a handful of failed attempts, he decided to endorse an executive order dropping the individual mandate starting in 2019. Some states did not agree with this so they created their own versions, Oregon was not one of them.