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Lyra Health - A Technology Approach To Mental Health

Lyra Health is changing the way employees and employers deal with mental health. By using an evidence-based approach, employees now have a safe space where they can get the quality care they need. See why Lyra just raised $45 million in funding.

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Working environments are overwhelming at times and it’s not uncommon to let the mounting pressure get to us. Work is one of the most common causes of anxiety and stress and can lead to high level of poor labor delivery and absent desks at work. If you are an employer, it is vital that you invest the necessary resources in the health of your employees to reduce the budgetary implications that you may encounter from dealing with a random case of the same. If you’re an employee, it’s important to take care of your mental health.

What Lyra Health Is

Lyra Health is a new age, technological approach to mental health that hopes to transform the work experience. Lyra allows employers to set up a safe and anonymous space where employees feel comfortable seeking the attention they need. Employees are able to screen themselves if they feel they are struggling with mental health, and Lyra even provides a unique process that helps match employees, or their families, with the right care. The best part about Lyra is that there is no cost for employees.

How it Works

The analytical tools of Lyra assist in creating a perfect match with the best therapists for those employees that require some mental health assistance. The program automatically creates appointments with these professional Lyra providers as well as take care of all the follow-up activities. After setting up the appointments, there are various channels that employees can use to get in touch with their assigned therapists. These channels include video calls, web chatting, and in-person visit.

Why It’s Important

Every business desires an efficient workforce. The behavioral traits of your employees affect your business’ productivity and profitability. The structures set up for taking care of the physical well-being of employees are perfect but mental health has been ignored. Lyra acts as a connection between mental and physical health structure so that the needed data is disseminated to the right individuals for the proper utilization when required.

Who Sponsors Lyra?

The primary sponsors of Lyra are the employers. Firms that value the mental health and emotional well-being of their employees subscribe them in the integrated cover. The employers motivate their employees to fill out some registrations forms that Lyra utilizes to track their patterns and connect them with reliable treatment. After getting subscribed, Lyra then gets in hired professionals to provide their services to the affected.

Lyra Health Network

Considering the uniqueness of services that Lyra has delivered to the market, numerous companies are subscribed to their services. Healthcare and professional therapists are also signed up as Lyra providers to offer expert services to the active members. Large, medium and small business all have the capability of accessing Lyra Health.

With Over $45 Million in Funding, Investors Have Shown Confidence in Lyra

With such a huge funding to establish its operations, it means numerous investors have expressed their trust in Lyra Health. The firms raised a whopping $45 million in a new financing deal with various firms, acquiring a noteworthy stride in providing excellent services towards its clientele. This allowed the company to heavily invest in the right technology to establish the necessary infrastructure for provision of the desired services.

Although Lyra Health is not a health insurance firm but a technology company, it has managed to establish a sophisticated network that links organizations with the mental health care professionals. All these solutions are accessible via smartphones or any other gadget that can access a web interface. The innovative matching technology utilized allows employees to access personalized care without a lot of hustle. This is a part of healthcare that was really complicated but Lyra providers offer a simple solution. It dives into the healthcare provider system, connects the needy with the services they require by utilizing the existing channels and ensures that they are treated well.

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