Zero Cost Sharing Plan

What Is a Zero Cost Sharing Plan?

With a zero cost sharing plan, the covered benefits do not require any deductibles or copayments. Participating healthcare providers are not required to provide referrals for patients who are receiving the health benefits of a zero cost sharing plan either. 

What do Zero Cost Sharing Plans Cover?

A zero cost sharing plan extends coverage to all of the fundamental health benefits involved in keeping up a decent state of health. Checkups, consultations, drug reviews and most medically necessitated forms of surgery will be deemed fit for coverage by a zero cost plan's terms. 

Elective operations such as cosmetic surgery are not covered. In order to receive coverage, the treatment that the patient stands to receive needs to have a significant and valid reason for being performed. Patients will not have the zero cost sharing plan cover any procedures or treatments for which they don't have a clearly demonstrable need. 

Zero Cost Sharing Plan Eligibility

A zero cost sharing plan is offered to all who belong to a federally recognized tribe and meet the eligibility guidelines for being in pronounced need of financial assistance. In addition to tribe members, the zero cost sharing plan is also offered to equivalently low-earning shareholders in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, or ANCSA. 

To be considered as being in legitimate need of the plan's benefits, applicants must qualify for premium tax credits. Eligible applicants need to have an income level that is either equal to or up to a maximum of three times the federal poverty line.

Applicants who are members of a federally recognized tribe or who hold ANCSA shares but do not fall within the income range specified by the plan will not be considered eligible for coverage.

Where Do You Sign Up for a Zero Cost Sharing Plan?

If you're eligible for zero cost sharing plan coverage and you would like to file your application for benefits, you can visit .gov.  

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