Who Are Navigators?

A navigator can be a single person or a group of people. They are not captive to any one insurance company, so they are free to truly recommend the best policy for you no matter the company. They can help you complete applications and other paperwork, and they can facilitate changes in your policy when it's necessary.

What Navigators Do

The primary function of a healthcare navigator is to assist consumers who are trying to purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, which is the exchange where direct policies under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, are sold and managed.

Health insurance navigators are specifically trained to advise businesses, groups, and individuals who have questions about, or need help choosing from the different types of health coverage offered through the Marketplace. Navigators can also help highlight the responsibilities of employers and individuals under the new healthcare law.

Does Working With a Navigator Cost Money?

Working with a navigator does not cost any extra money; a commission that will be given to the navigator is already built into the policy. The premium would be the same whether you used a navigator or not. The services of a navigator are essentially free, and they are a tremendous benefit to those trying to understand the complex world of health insurance.

Becoming a Navigator

Who Is Eligible to Become a Navigator?

In theory, anyone can become a healthcare navigator. A navigator can be a nonprofit group, a chamber of commerce, a community organization, a professional organization, or a licensed insurance agent or broker. However, no one who is acting as a healthcare insurer is allowed to work as a navigator, and they are not allowed to receive any compensation from an insurance company, either directly or indirectly. 

What Is the Process to Becoming a Navigator?

Healthcare navigators are required to be certified before they can actively begin assisting clients and earning commissions. To become certified, future navigators are required to:

Course Completion

This course covers topics such as the role of brokers, navigators, and agents in the Marketplace, general provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and Marketplace functions in the individual and group market.


This 100 question test determines the navigator’s proficiency with the studied material. 


As the health industry is ever changing, it’s important that these navigators maintain professional requirements and active insurance licenses. Navigators must also complete continuing education each year to retain their certification.

Health insurance agents and brokers are great alternative to navigators.  If you are looking for help navigating your health insurance options, give one of our agents a call 858-771-4087 or enter your zip code here!