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Best Dental Insurance | The 5 Top Full Coverage Plans in 2020

If you’re in the market for dental insurance, check out our list of the top 5 full coverage dental plans in 2019. Some major carriers made the list, but see what smaller companies are on the rise.

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Much like a car breakdown, a toothache or dental emergency can strike at the most inopportune time and result in a most inopportune bill of hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars. If you have full coverage dental insurance, the final bill may not be as financially painful. To help you in your quest to save your money and your smile, here are five of the top dental plans that offer full dental coverage in 2019.

How We Grade Full Coverage Dental

Before we launch into the list, let’s break a few things down. First, how do you define full dental coverage? There are three levels of dental insurance:

  • Major
  • Preventative
  • Minor

By having full dental coverage, you’re covered for all three.

Something else we’d like to briefly dive into is how we graded plans. We went by the following:

Alright, on to the list!

1. Delta Dental

Delta Dental has a generous network that includes more than 130,000 dental offices. One of the largest providers of dental insurance, Delta Dental also has an excellent rating. The provider is considered one of the best dental insurance companies for families on a budget.

Offerings include Delta Dental PPO, which gives you a discount if you select a provider within the preferred dental network, and DeltaCare USA, which functions similarly to an HMO-type plan and is unfettered by waiting periods and annual maximums and deductibles.

2. UnitedHealthOne

The starting point for individual deductibles for UnitedHealthOne is $50, and there isn’t a family deductible if you have at least four family members. The provider offers six plans:

  • Primary: $50 deductible for each individual, with a half-off discount for basic care
  • Primary Preferred: $50 deductible for each individual, as long as you use an in-network provider for your basic and major dental needs
  • Essential: No copay for preventative services, $50 deductible for basic dental services provided by in-network dentist, half-off discount on basic dental services after you’ve paid your deductible
  • Essential Preferred: Basic and major dental services handled by in-network dentist include a $50 deductible, which then activates a 50-percent plan payment on basic services and a 15-percent plan payment for major services
  • Premier Choice: $50 combined per person deductible on basic and major dental services done by network dentist, copay-free preventative services
  • Premiere Elite: $50 combined deductible for basic and major services, includes an allowance if you choose to use an out-of-network provider

3. Humana

If it’s discounts you’re looking for, Humana could be the perfect dental insurance provider. Specifically, the company offers discounts as high as $35 if you combine your dental and vision coverage. Humana offers special plans for veterans, which lets you choose an in- or out-of-network provider.

The Loyalty Plus plan allows for benefits maximums (capped at $1,500) that increase yearly if you keep the same plan for at least three years. If you’re more focused on preventative dental services, Humana offers a plan that fully covers cleanings and X-rays; the plan doesn’t require a copay for office visits.

Rather than flat out insurance, you may like the idea of having more of a discount plan. If so, Humana offers such a plan, which offers discounted services with in-network providers, after you’ve paid the one-time $15 enrollment fee.

4. Ameritas

One of the great things about Ameritas is the fact that it rewards you for taking care of your teeth. As long as you submit at least one dental claim a year with the total benefits paid out below the maximum allowable, you’ll qualify for a reward. There’s also a bonus if you qualify for rewards and go to a provider in your network.

5. Cigna Dental Insurance

Do you do a lot of traveling? If so, you may prefer a dental coverage plan you can take with you. Cigna features a dental preventative plan that offers full coverage for diagnostic and preventive services, as well as discounts on orthodontic and restorative dental services.

The Dental 1000 plan offers a yearly maximum benefit of $1,000 and includes diagnostic, preventative and restorative services. You can also receive discounts on orthodontic work, but it will have to be done by an in-network provider.

Finally, there’s a third plan option that comes with a $1,500 calendar year maximum benefit for restorative, preventive and diagnostic dental services.

If you have any questions about the above insurance providers, we’re here to help! Reach out to a FirstQuote Health representative today by calling 858-239-2886, or enter your zip code to talk to an agent who works in your area.

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