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What is Private Health Insurance?

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Well, health is wealth, which essentially means that when a person has a healthy body and maintains it ends up avoiding paying huge hospital bills, thus increasing your wealth. It is important that you always make sure that you are healthy at all times, and when you get sick, you seek medical assistance as soon as possible. With the advancements in technology in the fields of healthcare and medicine, sick people can now receive the most effective medicine in the market as well as receive the highest form of medical treatment. This has been enhanced by huge investments made many multinationals and governments to ensure that the best medicine and medical services are available for everyone. Unfortunately, medical services are considerably expensive, especially for patients who have to pay the entire hospital bill from their pockets. This may leave such people in a financial dilemma, leading to stress and depression. Luckily, most employers in the country offer private health insurance to their employees as part of their work-benefits.

So, what is private health insurance? Private health insurance plans are plans you can enroll in either through your employer or on your own outside of the health insurance marketplace that covers part or most of your medical expenses. A person having a health insurance may end up paying even less than 25% of the total hospital bill as the issued insurance covers most of the bill. This type of health insurance can be offered as a single plan or a combination of several plans by the insurance company. You can get insurance plans and private health insurance quotes through your employer instead of purchasing it on your own, as it may be slightly more expensive since you end paying the entire cost. However, price comparison tools like First Quote Health can help you find more affordable options on your own.

What is covered?

This health insurance is divided into several coverages, which include a combined coverage, general treatment coverage, and hospital coverage. These different coverages have specific services that can be offered by a hospital. However, the combined coverage is available as an individual coverage or combined with either or both of the other two policies. It is important also to confirm if the combined coverage is provided by the state you reside in.

Hospital Coverage 

When you have a hospital coverage, it coverages most of the in-hospital care costs by your identified doctor and other related hospital fees like theatre fees and accommodation. Medicare issued services are also available when you have a health insurance coverage. However, some services like laser surgery and discretionary cosmetic surgery are covered by private health insurance to a certain extent. This coverage is further categorized into four different private health insurance classes: top (coverages all services), medium, basic, and public hospital coverage.

Treatment Coverage 

The general treatment coverage provides health benefits for various ancillary services when you visit a hospital such as optical, dental, and physiotherapy. This type of coverage can be purchased as a single policy or combined with other hospital coverages. This coverage has three policy classifications that offer different services, which include: comprehensive (dental, orthodontic, endodontic, optical, psychotherapy, and podiatry); medium (dental, orthodontic, endodontic, optical, chiropractic, hearing aids, and psychology); and basic (includes all policies).

Combined Coverage

This coverage includes the combination of various policies that coverage both general and hospital treatment services. You have the option of selecting your preferred policies from both the general and hospital treatment services, but it depends on the insurance company and your employer.

Benefits of Private Health Insurance Plans

Numerous benefits are associated with having a health insurance coverage. Primarily, it eases your mind by acknowledging the fact that you (and your immediate family members) are covered in regards to any health issue that may require a private hospital system. A lot of people prefer having private health insurance plans to individual health insurance due to the ease of mind health insurance offers as well as saving more money. The following are some of the associated benefits of having this type of health insurance coverage.

  • You will avoid long waiting lists that are found in public hospitals as well as patient priority orders. This type of insurance enables you to save time when visiting your doctor as you see him right away.
  • You have the advantage of staying in a private room when you have to be admitted to a private hospital. This entitles you to some level of privacy.
  • You also have the power to claim back any money that you were charged on any non-Medicare services offered to you.
  • You have the right to select your preferred surgeon or doctor when you visit a private hospital.

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