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Kaiser Vs. Cigna

You want health insurance from the best in the business. But how do you decide which insurance company is better? Click here to compare Kaiser vs. Cigna!

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Kaiser Permanente and Cigna Health Insurance are big names in the business, so let's do a quick comparison:

Kaiser vs. Cigna, which is better?

Kaiser uses in-house healthcare providers, which means you go to doctors and hospitals run by Kaiser. Cigna has contracts with doctors and hospitals that aren't run by Cigna.

Both companies have a large network of healthcare providers. Both will charge you more for getting care outside their networks. Both offer coverage for most of your medical needs.

Did that answer your question? We didn't think so. Because the truth is, it doesn't really matter which insurance company is better. What matters is which insurance company provides the best insurance plan for you

Not all health insurance plans are created equal. You need help picking a plan that will work for you!

Where can you find that help? Right here! This website connects you to licensed health insurance agents who are experts in the health insurance industry. These agents can help you choose the right plan.

Just enter your ZIP Code and basic personal info. First, you'll be delivered quotes from top insurance companies in your area.

Once the agent knows what you're looking for, they'll do the shopping for you! Agents negotiate directly with insurance companies - which means they hunt down deals that you can't find on your own.

Best of all, an agent's expert help is 100% free! Once you've picked a plan that suits your needs, the agent gets paid by the insurance company you choose. You don't pay anything for their personalized support, even if you don't buy a plan.

No need to struggle with deciphering insurance lingo, or figuring out why Insurance Company A is better than Insurance Company B. Just let your insurance agent do the work for you. They'll help you understand the fine print and get to what's important: saving money, and taking care of your health needs!

Talk to an agent, and find the ideal insurance plan for you for free!

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