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Comprehensive Health Insurance - Find Coverage For All Your Needs

If you want to get the most out of your health insurance policy, make sure to enroll in a comprehensive health insurance plan. It’s time to find health coverage that does what it’s supposed to do, cover you when you need it most.

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Health insurance is a pain, but the fact of the matter is it’s a necessity, at least here in the US. The healthcare industry is mainly privatized with a handful of government healthcare programs mixed in, which means your medical needs, for the most part, come second to your health insurer’s bottom line. For that reason, it’s best not to take any chances with your coverage by finding and enrolling in a comprehensive health insurance plan, one that will protect you from any medical emergency or procedure.

What Is Comprehensive Health Insurance?

Comprehensive health insurance simply refers to any policy that covers an extensive range of medical services. Having comprehensive health coverage means that you don’t have to think twice about scheduling a doctor visit or taking a trip to the emergency room, because chances are, you’re already covered. If you view health insurance as an investment, then a comprehensive health insurance plan is definitely the way to go.

The Affordable Care Act’s New Comprehensive Coverage Standard

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) drastically changed the landscape of healthcare in the US. Prior to the ACA passing, the health insurance market was flooded with cheap coverage options, like short-term and supplemental plans, however, cheap plans rarely offered comprehensive coverage. For those who did want to enroll in a health plan that covered them for all healthcare services, they could expect to pay a pretty penny, but the ACA changed that.

The goal of the Affordable Care Act wasn’t just to provide affordable health insurance plans for Americans, there were already plenty of cheap plans available. What the Affordable Care Aimed to do was make affordable comprehensive health insurance available for everyone, ensuring that the coverage you have actually covers you.

Today, any health insurance plan that you purchase through the federal or state exchanges will meet a set of standards that make them qualified health plans, and most private health insurance plans outside the marketplace will meet those standards as well. Even though President Trump is loosening restrictions on what will be considered a qualified health plan, health policies cover more medical services today than they have in the past.

Is Anyone Eligible For Comprehensive Health Coverage?

Yes, in fact, most people are required to be enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance plan until President Trump’s new healthcare policies take effect in 2019. So, if you’re wondering whether or not you are eligible for comprehensive coverage, the answer is you are.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Costs

Comprehensive health insurance plans are not a one size fits all type deal. Comprehensive coverage comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning that costs are going to vary. However, since all health insurance policies sold through the marketplace are considered comprehensive, here’s a breakdown of what you would pay for comprehensive health insurance according to eHealth:

  • Catastrophic Plans: $153/month
  • Bronze Plans: $315/month
  • Silver Plans: $362/month
  • Gold Plans: $420/month
  • Platinum Plans: $498/month

Finding Affordable Comprehensive Health Insurance

You never want to enroll in health coverage without doing your homework. In order to find the most affordable comprehensive health insurance plan, you want to compare a few different options before making a final decision. If you’re wondering where to start your search, then look no further.

First Quote Health makes shopping for and comparing affordable comprehensive health insurance quotes easy. Health insurance prices vary depending on a few different factors, including where you live. So, in order to get the most accurate quotes in your area, just enter your zip code here to get started.

It’s important to view health insurance as an investment because essentially that’s what it is. When you enroll in coverage you want to make sure that it does what it’s supposed to, keep you protected from high and unexpected medical bills. The best way to keep yourself protected is to enroll in a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers you under almost any circumstance.

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