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United Healthcare insurance is a little pricier in comparison to other major carriers. However, prices will vary depending on a few different factors, including where you live, your age and the type of plan you get.

The following price ranges solely reflect what your monthly health insurance premium may be, in essence, these are just sticker prices. There is a lot more to health insurance costs than just your premium, such as out-of-pocket costs. Make sure when you are going over health insurance options, you look past the sticker price for United Healthcare, because these higher premiums may actually save you time and money depending on your situation and medical history.

Age Range Pricing

35+ year olds

$200 - $340

45+ year olds

$240 - $400

55+ year olds

$360 - $620

United Healthcare made waves in the headlines when they announced their departure from the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace in 2016. United Healthcare is the largest health insurance company in the country, so it came as a surprise to some, but the United Health Group stated that they were losing too much money in the marketplace, so they would exit in 2017, but would still offer marketplace plans in a “handful of states.”

If United Health offers insurance plans in your area, then you will have a standard breakdown as outlined in the chart below. However, if you are like most Americans, you won’t have the option to enroll in a United Healthcare plan in the coming years.




United Healthcare Marketplace Plans

Plan Type Percent of Essential Benefit Covered Monthly Premium
United Healthcare Bronze Plan 60% Low cost - Low quality
United Healthcare Silver Plan 70% Average premiums - Average out-of-pocket costs
United Healthcare Gold Plan 80% High premiums - Low out-of-pocket
United Healthcare Platinum Plan 90% Highest premium - Lowest out-of-pocket costs

 Currently, outside the marketplace, United Healthcare offers tons of different coverage options. If you qualify, United Health Medicaid and United Healthcare Medicare plans are available to you. If you are looking for vision and dental plans, short-term coverage, employer-sponsored health plans, student health insurance, or even life insurance, United Health has a plan for you.

It is important to note that not all of United Healthcare insurance plans will meet all federal requirements. If you are looking to buy a health insurance plan from United Health, you will want to go over all of your plan’s documents to make sure you are enrolled in qualifying health coverage as to avoid any tax penalties.

United Healthcare Dental

United Healthcare dental plans are among some of the most comprehensive in the country with over 182,000 dentists in-network. You can easily see how much a dental plan would cost you on the United Healthcare website, but from what we can tell, depending on your age and where you live, United Healthcare dental plans will typically run you any from $15/month to $80/month for an individual. Adding more members will drive the cost up.

United Healthcare Choice Plus

United Healthcare Choice Plus is your best group healthcare solution. This plan not only saves you money with a national provider network but also offers coverage out-of-network. According to the company website, United Healthcare Choice Plus covers doctor visits, emergency services, lab services, pregnancy and newborn care, preventive services, prescriptions, and much more. If you are an employer looking for group coverage, make sure to look into United Healthcare Choice Plus.

United Healthcare Community Plan

United Healthcare is one, if not the largest Medicaid providers offering subsidized health insurance plans in nearly 40 states. These plans are specifically designed to help low-income individuals, expecting mothers, children under 19, and more. All of these subsidized plans are under the umbrella of the United Healthcare Community Plan.

If you are looking for a reliable health insurance company for your Medicaid or Medicare Advantage needs, a United Healthcare Community Plan may be your best option.